Technical and aesthetic solutions


Bringing value to the customer means informing them, providing the technical information that will help them make an informed choice, offering maximum transparency and meeting their expectations. We offer our customers commitment, experience, knowledge and the ability to innovate, offering customised and original products that combine practicality and functionality with aesthetics.

Customised solutions

The choice of doors and windows characterises a dwelling, it determines the type of intimate atmosphere created. Serramenti Metallici Piave respects and enhances the ideas customers bring, maintaining their originality and offering them a product that best represents them, with the required technological features. Our products harmoniously match the surrounding environment, whether they are fitted on a seaside apartment, a mountain chalet or a house in the city.

After-sales assistance

Serramenti Metallici Piave supports and assists the customer even once work is complete and the doors and windows have been installed. We are quick to resolve any problems and provide clear and simple answers where required. We guarantee the best performance and functionality over time. A good purchase starts with good after-sales service.


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