Company history

"The entire history of architecture revolves exclusively around the openings in walls"

Le Courbosier 1927

On average, people spend about 80% of their time indoors, in homes, offices or in other closed environments.
Doors and windows symbolise the border between inside and outside spaces, between protected private space and public space.
Choosing a door or window fitting means favouring one style over another, expressing your personality through a building's character.
Serramenti Metallici Piave has always aimed to create a comfortable environment by ensuring that each aspect of the construction of our doors and windows is of the highest quality. From aesthetic finish to function and thermal-acoustic insulation, our aim is to achieve full customer satisfaction by finding the style that best suits each customer's personality.
Forty years of experience makes Serramenti Metallici Piave a reliable and expert partner. We have closely followed new technical developments and changing tastes, constantly widening our knowledge and offering solutions that anticipate changing market trends. Passion for our work, seriousness and innovation are the cornerstones of our business.


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