Technical and aesthetic solutions


Knowing how to listen to the customer and understand their objectives, and to work in synchrony with the designer is the most natural approach for Serramenti Metallici Piave, participating and contributing in a tangible way to the success of architectural projects. All specifications are scrupulously adhered to in collaboration with the architects and designers working on the project, taking account of the customer's specific requests.

Customised solutions

Serramenti Metallici Piave will develop the customer's project, assisting them during every stage. It is also a valuable partner when it comes to large supplies, strictly adhering to delivery schedules and agreements made. We can suggest the most current technological and design solutions to meet your needs.

After-sales assistance

The focus of our business is to share with the customer the successful outcome of a project and to provide assistance even after installation. After-sales service is a priority for us. Our company's longevity is the surest sign of our long-term good relationship with our customers.


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